Episode 185

Filler Cleaning Meets Quality at Surly


September 21st, 2020

40 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Filling equipment within a brewery is ironically one of the best places for microbial growth to thrive. There are nooks, crannies, and blind spots that beer can sneak into, which are also challenging to clean. Beer filling equipment is also constructed using a variety of different materials that require specifically tailored cleaning chemicals to prevent corrosion while working effectively to remove soil. Every brewery has a different filling operation including equipment, surrounding space, and utilities, therefore different needs for chemicals and cleaning practices. As a brewery optimizes its filler cleaning practices and chemicals, it is also essential to validate that the chemicals and method of cleaning are both working effectively.

To avoid having every brewery reinvent the wheel with filler cleaning practices and save the time and money it takes to trial new processes, this presentation will share one brewery’s story of developing a robust cleaning program on both of its canning lines. We will discuss how we worked directly with our chemical supplier and equipment manufacturers to find the best compatible chemicals for effective cleaning on both of our lines. We will also discuss the microbiological and chemical quality checks that were put in place to validate filler cleaning process and chemicals to ensure product integrity, and share the improvements that were made from a quality management lens to empower employees to make informed quality decisions.

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