Scott Helstad

Special guest

Scott Helstad is the National Accounts Technical Services Advisor for Cargill’s Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizers North America (CSST NA) business unit. He has been with Cargill for 37+ years where he held positions in quality assurance and production before entering the Technical Services arena in 1987. Currently he supports Cargill and customers of all sizes across North America in the development and application of nutritive sweeteners, e.g., corn sweeteners & sugar, stevia-based sweeteners and erythritol across the food and beverage spectrum. He has made numerous presentations to trade organizations and seminars about the use and applications of sweeteners in a wide variety of products. He particularly enjoys teaching about the use of brewing adjuncts to the MBAA Malting & Brewing Short Course. He has also contributed written work to the MBAA TQ, and updates to technical books including the MBAA’s The Practical Brewer, The AACC’s Corn: Chemistry and Technology, and CRC Press Ingredient Interactions in Foods. Scott is a member of the MBAA, ASBC, IBD, IFT, ISBT and the Cereal & Grains Association. Scott is a graduate from St. Olaf College with a BA in chemistry. Prior to working for Cargill, Scott was involved in small-scale fuel alcohol production. He is married, has 2 children, one grandchild and a big dog. Interests include beer and food, reading, travel, woodworking & home handyman things, running, swimming, bicycling, singing and some acting. He recently moved from Dayton, OH to Winona, MN.

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