Mati Cavanna

Special guest

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mati graduated as a Supply Chain Engineer and worked in the electrical industry before moving to Melbourne, Australia.

It was working for Asahi Breweries down under, where his brewing career started. Mati initially joined as a malt & hops strategy manager, and made his way through supply chain and operations projects while getting brewing training within the group’s breweries in Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Such is his passion for beer, that while working for Asahi he started home brewing and developing recipes.

After the best part of a decade away, Mati returned to Argentina to open "Dos Dingos Cerveza Independiente", a brewery with a strong focus in Australian hops and styles which started operations early 2018, and quickly became one of Argentinas best known craft breweries. Late 2019, he opened a brewpub and barrel program in Uruguay “De Puerto by Dos Dingos"

Mati also co-hosts Birratecnia, one of the first podcasts in Spanish focused on sharing academic research and best practices for the craft brewing industry.

Mati Cavanna has been a guest on 2 episodes.