Jamie Fulton

Special guest

Jamie’s love for craft beer began while studying at Trinity University in San Antonio.  By
his junior year, he was brewing all grain batches of homebrew in his dorm. He fell in love with the
science and technicalities of the brewing process, but loved the avenue for artistic expression just
as much.  He decided to pursue brewing professionally shortly after getting his undergraduate
degree; his first brewing job was with Joey Villareal at Blue Star Brewing Company while studying
the UC Davis extension program.  He then went though the full Siebel Institute program in Spring

In April 2006 he opened The Covey Restaurant & Brewery, serving fine cuisine and craft
beer that was awarded many GABF and World Beer Cup medals during the nearly five years of
operation.  He closed The Covey in October 2010, and began working for Newlands Systems
Inc., the world’s premier craft brewery equipment manufacturer.  His job title as Technical
Brewing Services consisted mainly of installing and troubleshooting NSI equipment around the
globe.  While at NSI, he learned first hand from many talented mechanical and software
engineers, fabricators, and above all, the president and old-school brewmaster Brad McQuhae.

After two years at NSI, he opened Community Beer Co. in Dallas, TX with founder Kevin
Carr in December 2012. Jamie has built most of Community Beer Co. with his own two hands:
installing all of the fermenters, process water tanks, steam generators, glycol chillers, and all of
the packaging equipment. Throughout his career, the beers he has brewed have garnered seven
GABF medals and three World Beer Cup medals. He has served on the Board of Directors for
the Texas Craft Brewers Guild for four years, where his primary role is to organize the technical
content for the annual Education and Safety Summit.

Jamie is a seventh generation Texan, avid hunter, a five time All-American skeet shooter,
a husband of fifteen years to his wife Kelly, and father to three sons: Jack, Fritz and Will James.

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