Eddie Gutierrez

Special guest

Eddie Gutierrez received an M. S. in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University. His focus of study and thesis involved porosity and permeability of oil reservoirs and microseismicity respectively. He worked as a design and efficiency engineer at Schlumberger prior to starting his brewing career. January 2014 he was hired as a brewer at Saint Arnold Brewing Company and is now their head brewer and brewing operations manager. He started working on brewhouse optimizations in 2015 and continues to this day. In 2016 he gave a talk at the World Brewing Congress on the topic which spurred the MBAA Technical Quarterly article “Improving Brewhouse Efficiency by Adjusting Mash Thickness and Lauter and Sparge Volumes” which became the most downloaded TQ article in 2018. In the last few years he has directed his optimization focus on the very inefficient brewing of 25o P beers.

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