Brett Taubman

Special guest

• B.S., Finance, The Pennsylvania State University
• B.S., Chemistry, Montana State University
• Ph.D., Chemistry, The University of Maryland
• Post-Doc, The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Taubman teaches analytical and brewing chemistry as well as introductory chemistry courses. He has earned BS degrees in both Finance and Chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University and Montana State University, respectively, and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Maryland in 2004. Following his graduate studies, he worked as a Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Pennsylvania State University before joining the chemistry faculty at Appalachian in 2007. Dr. Taubman's current research interests include investigating terpene profiles of hop varietals as well as terpenes and cannabinoids in hemp varietals. He has successfully developed a pilot instructional brewing facility on the ASU campus and currently serves as President of Ivory Tower, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with the mission of supporting research and education within fermentation sciences. Dr. Taubman helped to develop the four-year degree program in Fermentation Sciences, for which he is currently the Director, and shares time between that program and the Chemistry Department.

• Analytical Chemistry
• Fermentation/Beer Chemistry
• Hop Aroma Chemistry
• Cannabinoid and Terpene Analysis
• Gluten Free Brewing
• Koji Fermentations

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