Master Brewers Podcast

Working Group

Working Group


We want every episode of the Master Brewers Podcast to be interesting, informative, and entertaining and we want to increase awareness of as much of the amazing content our association produces as possible. But no 1 person can attend every district meeting, read every TQ article, etc. Therefore, as a member of the Podcast Working Group (PWG), you will screen potential content for the Master Brewers Podcast by serving as the association's eyes & ears when consuming any MBAA content (ie District presentations, TQ articles, annual conference presentations & posters, books, other publications, webinars, Tool Box Talks, Ask The Brewmasters, courses, etc.).

Charge (aka what is expected of you)

  1. You will be responsible for recommending guests for at least 2 podcast episodes per year (details below)
  2. You will attend our efficient, fun, and infrequent (~quarterly) PWG Zoom meetings

The Details

  • You will come to the next PWG meeting prepared to recommend at least 1 proposed guest based on content that you've already screened (easier) or an idea you've already turned into a well-thought-out plan (harder). All proposals should meet these criteria.
    • Add your proposed episode(s) to our "PWG proposed episodes" Google spreadsheet prior to the meeting, even if you can't attend the meeting.
    • If your recommendation is based on MBAA content (ie a district presentation), please provide a copy of or link to that piece of content.
    • If your recommendation isn't based on existing content, please put together a detailed outline/well-thought-out plan.
    • Be ready to give the committee a < 2 min overview of the content/plan you've proposed.
  • The PWG will decide whether or not to move forward with your proposal.
  • You will coordinate scheduling for your approved proposal by sending the proposed guest(s) an email (using a template we provide) with a link for the guest to schedule the interview at their convenience, and handling any follow-ups if necessary.
  • Estimated minimum time committment: 6-8 hours per year.

How to Join the PWG

If you'd like to join, please contact Bryan Mowry.