Master Brewers Podcast

Working Group

Working Group


As a member of this working group, you will screen potential content for the Master Brewers Podcast by serving as the association's eyes & ears of your local district.

Charge (aka what is expected of you)

  1. Attend all of your district's meetings. If you can't be present for a given district meeting, you are responsible for recruiting another district member to fulfill the following obligations.
  2. Get all district presentations uploaded to the District Presentations Archive (instructions can be found here). Pro tip: bring a thumb drive to each meeting instead of trying to chase down presentations later.
  3. Within 3 days of each district meeting, submit your report by following the instructions below.
  4. Term: This is a 2-year commitment. You are required to recruit your own replacement prior to the end of your term.

Instructions For Reporting

Within 3 days of each of your home district meetings, please create a new post on the Podcast Working Group community page (rather than replying to another post). Be sure to include:

District name & meeting date, plus a list of each technical presentation in the following format:

  1. Presentation title
  2. Presenter's name
  3. A simple, unscientific rating/ranking of how each presentation was received by members (ie 3/5 stars)
  4. Should we interview the presenter for the Master Brewers Podcast? (yes/no)
  5. A direct link to each district presentation (see #2 above)

Other Stuff That's Nice But Optional

  • Please forward any additional ideas or episode proposals to the community site and/or John Bryce
  • Feel free to comment on other posts in the working group (ie "we also had that presentation at our district and it was great/not so great/too much of a commercial/etc.")

How to Join

If you'd like to volunteer to represent your district, please contact Susan Kohn. There is no limit to the number of representatives per district - the more, the merrier. Please do NOT volunteer to help unless we can count on you to fully execute the Charge above. This is a critical role - the only thing worse than not having a rep from a given district, is having a rep who fails to deliver the charge. Coming soon: prizes will be awarded to those who make the most contributions.