Master Brewers Podcast

Instructions for Guests

Instructions for Guests

Here's what you'll need to do to in advance to prepare for your interview with John Bryce. Audio quality is extremely important. We won't be able to publish your interview unless you carefully follow each step below:

  1. Obtain and test a headset (NOT headphones). The host uses and highly recommends the Logitech H390 USB Headset (available at Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, etc.) - it's inexpensive and will make you sound great.

    Anything wireless/Bluetooth is problematic. Do NOT attempt to use AirPods!

    The mic needs to be directly in front of your mouth!

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    Your episode will probably get ~10,000 downloads, and all of those listeners expect to hear high-quality audio. Please don't let them down:
  2. Your audio quality will be affected by a poor internet connection, so be sure you are on a high-speed network with an excellent connection during the interview.
  3. If you will be using a laptop, please be prepared to unplug the power supply and run on battery power during the interview. Laptop power adapters often cause electrical interference (hum), which can ruin a recording.
  4. Find a quiet room with NO room noise (ie fans, AC hum, etc.)
  5. A few minutes before your scheduled interview time, check your email for a Zencastr link. You'll use that link to join the interview via a computer (no phones or tablets). Please watch this 2-minute video now to understand what's required.
  6. Verify that you are using a supported browser (see video link above) and that you have the most recent update installed!


  • The interview is not live. It will be edited.
  • Questions are not sent in advance - this helps the interview to sound genuine rather than canned.
  • Defintely don't be nervous. You're just having a casual conversation with John, which will then be edited to perfection.
  • If you'd like to get a feel for a typical interview, listen to an episode.
  • Please focus your responses on the technology/area of interest, rather than using this as a platform for a blatant sales pitch for a business or product (if applicable).
  • If the interview is about a paper, poster, or presentation you gave and the details aren't fresh in your memory, be sure to review your paper/poster/presentation again shortly before the interview.
  • If you'd like to include other colleagues on the call and you forgot to add their email during registration, please let us know. They'll need to use a separate connection & headset and join the group call from a different room, even if you are in the same building.
  • The Master Brewers Podcast typically gets > 8,000 downloads per week.
  • If you have any questions/concerns or difficulty with any of the steps above, please contact John Bryce