Tim Wallen

Special guest

Tim Wallen is currently an analytical chemist at Hoptechnic®, a subsidiary of Virgil Gamche Farms, Inc. in Toppenish, WA.
Tim recently graduated with an MS in Chemistry in May 2019 under the guidance of Dr. Jerry Troutman studying complex glycan synthesis in bacteria developing high performance liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS) methodology. Before that he had an ORISE research fellowship at the CDC in the clinical chemistry branch in the lipid reference laboratory setting research measurement standards utilizing GC-MS. He originally graduated in 2011 with a BA in chemistry with ACS certification at Hendrix College in Conway, AR where he did research studying Binturong (Asian Bear Cat) volatiles under Dr. Tom Goodwin utilizing solid phase dynamic extraction (SPDE) GC-MS in a collaboration with Dr. Christine Drea of the Duke University Primate Center. During this time, he has been an avid homebrewer for 8 years and is a certified BJCP homebrew judge.

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