Peter Watts

Special guest

Peter graduated with a Master’s degree in International Relations in 1996 from Laval University in Quebec City. He worked as a Market Analyst with the Canadian Wheat Board for nine years and in 2005 moved to Pulse Canada as Director of Market Innovation. He took over the position of Managing Director at the CMBTC in the summer of 2014 and in this role Peter oversees company operations.

The CMBTC is focused on supporting Canadian barley exports and the commercialization of new malting barley varieties. Using its micro and pilot-scale malting and brewing facilities, the CMBTC provides technical support to the Canadian barley value chain to help ensure Canada is a leader in supplying high-quality barley and malt to the global malting and brewing industries. The CMBTC also conducts applied research and runs the Malt Academy, a unique, hands on training and education program.

Peter Watts has been a guest on 2 episodes.