Max Shafer

Special guest

Max Shafer has been producing creatively artful and scientifically sound beers for Roadhouse since the production facility opened its doors in 2017, moving the company forward from its brewpub origins into a full scale line of packaged products. Max proved his passion for craft beer with an International Diploma in Brewing Science and Technology from the Siebel Institute and over ten years of experience in the professional brewing environment. He currently oversees Roadhouse's experimental brewpub located on Jackson Hole’s famed Town Square and a 10,000 BBL production facility. Max also sits on numerous Industry Technical Committees, he is a member of the Hop Research Council, The Hop Quality Group, a Bract Brewer for NZ Hops LTD, an associate member of the American Malting Barley Association and teaches college courses on hops and brewery operations and management.

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