John Giarratano

Special guest

John Giarratano started his career in Mammalian Cell Culture at pharmaceutical giant Genentech in San Diego, California. Over the next five years, John was immersed in sterile technique while working in two state of the art GMP manufacturing facilities. This experience followed John back to Colorado where, after earning his master’s degree in Bioengineering, he changed industries and was put in charge of yeast propagation for a Biofuel company called Gevo. In 2014 John took his experience in Cell Culture and Biofuels and applied it to the brewing industry by starting Inland Island Yeast Laboratories. Over the last seven and a half years, John has grown Inland Island from a lab in his basement to a full-scale yeast and bacterial manufacturing operation, working with over 300 breweries and employing more than ten full time employees. John continues to push Inland Island to the cutting edge of product quality and very best in customer service.

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