Jeff Gunn

Special guest

Jeff served a 5 year student apprenticeship in Manufacturing and Marine Engineering in England and obtained his indentures and graduated technical college in 1962 as a mechanical engineer with The City and Guild Institute Diploma and O.N.C. in Mechanical Engineering.

In 1963, he joined Burnett & Rolfe Ltd. as a development engineer and progressed with the company through 1978 to become international installations manager for the brewing industry sector of the company's process and packaging systems. During those years, he obtained his certificate and diploma in management studies from NEBSS (honors).

Jeff relocated to the USA in 1979 to start and operate APV Burnett & Rolfe, Inc. and subsequently APV Rosista, Inc. as Executive Vice President and COO, serving the North American brewing and beverage industries.

In 1990 he started IDD Process & Packaging, Inc. as a Brewery and Beverage industries equipment design and manufacturing company in Southern California through to this present day.

Founding Member and VP of MACG, LLC.
Member of MBAA & BOG Rep. District SoCal.
Member of the Brewers Association.
Founding Member of the Draught Beer Guild.

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