Horace Cunningham

Special guest

Horace is Brew Advisor to Totally Natural Solutions, a UK based premium hop extract company reaching global brewers to improve hop aromas, flavours, and process advancement.

Horace combines a distinguished career in both mainstream and craft brewing. He is the 2012 Past President of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, having been a member of the Master Brewers of the Americas since the 70s and having served in several committees, including Technical.
Horace trained as a Brewmaster at Doemens, Gräfelfing, Germany, and holds a Brewmaster Certificate from the SIEBEL Institute. He has also apprenticed in the UK during his training. He is a long-term member of several professional brewing associations.
Cunningham’s exposure has allowed him to work in all areas of brewing with interests in cleaning and sanitation, quality and specification conformance, fermentation and related cellaring, separation technologies, formulation development and final product sensory approval, and leadership.
As an experienced Brewer, Horace combines broad practical knowledge, understanding and industry experience with the scientific advances at Totally Natural Solutions to overcome issues faced by brewers and is ideally located to support and educate brewers on the benefits of hop extracts and oil additions.
He also helps brewers to adapt to anticipated changes within the industry to reduce environmental impact, increase volume growth, and manage productivity.

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