Hannah Krieg

Special guest

*Hannah Krieg- Lab Manager/PCQI at The Lab – Powered by BevSource. *
The Lab is a first-of-its-kind facility, providing brewers and beverage creators a dedicated resource for pilot runs and quality assurance testing with a public-facing taproom for capturing unbiased product feedback. The Lab is powered by the beverage industry experts at BevSource, a leading provider of beverage development and operations solutions for new and established brand owners. As The Lab’s Lab Manager, Hannah uses her expertise in microbiological, chemical, and physical testing to provide the brewing and beverage industry with the quality assurance testing they need to elevate their brand, ensure compliance, and solve complex quality issues. Hannah received her Master’s in Food Science from Kansas State University in 2020, and she currently serves on the ASBC alternative beverage committee. She is passionate about educating and empowering other in the industry about food-safety protocols and developing quality programs.

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