Hal McConnellogue

Special guest

Hal McConnellogue is currently in the role of Sustainability Manager for Drake's Brewing Company in San Leandro, California. He has previously held the position of Cellar Manager at Drake's and Head Brewer at Jupiter in Berkeley, Ca. Hal attended Colorado State University and holds an advanced certificate in audio production.

In his nearly 10 years in the professional brewing industry his focus has been on efficiency from the brewhouse to packaging. Through his years as a Cellar Manager he was able to focus on fermentation and how to create consistent repeatability. With that effort it led him to be a part of a team researching serial re-pitching in the brewery and publishing it's works for the scientific community.

Through his brewing career he has made steps to reduce the resources it takes to create a great beer. That has now put him into the position to realize those efforts and share it with the brewing community and beyond. You can often find him shutting off water valves when no one is around, sorting through waste bins, crushing anything he can in a baler, turning lights off in empty rooms, pulling wastewater samples from the nearest sewer and loading up tanker trucks with process waste for animal feed.

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