Darin Riggs

Special guest

I run a fifth-generation family farm growing corn, soybeans, specialty low-oil white corn, wheat, and barley for the brewery I co-founded with my brother in Urbana, Illinois. We focus on German and Traditional American Beer styles.

At Anheuser-Busch, I started as a Group Manager, but quickly moved into an Engineer I role where I managed process control equipment and drove process improvement at the Fairfield Brewery which had two high-speed can lines and a 10 lane, high-speed SVK keg line. I additionally filled in on off-shifts managing a team of 15-20 union personnel operating the packaging lines. On lucky nights, I got to taste approve batches of beer before packaging. During my time there, I made more Busch Light than all the Riggs Beer I will ever make for the rest of my life!

Previously, in the Navy, I was on a forward-deployed, fast-attack submarine home-ported in Guam as a junior officer. On my second tour as Engineer, I conducted the first deployment on a fast-attack submarine following that ship's extensive repair period. I have remained active in the Navy Reserve, recently returning from a tour as Officer-in-Charge of the Military Detachment aboard an Expeditionary Fast Transport vessel forward-deployed to the Mediterranean. I plan to retire from the Reserves this summer.

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