Amy LaHue

Special guest

Inspired by science and the drive to succeed, Amy LaHue is a
passionate oak expert who uses her years of experience and
training to aide winemakers, distillers and brewers in finding
the perfect solution to achieve their visions.

Amy works closely with clients to understand their specific
needs. She enjoys assisting customers with product trials
to develop a unique oak alternative program for their wine,
spirit or beer.

A graduate of the University of Missouri in Human
Environmental Science, Amy spent the first part of her career
honing customer relations skills. From1998-2002 she resided
in Spain where she gained experience in the international
wine industry. In 2011 Amy joined the Oak Solutions Group
team as an Oak Solutions Group Specialist focusing on the
California wine industry.

As the market for oak alternatives experienced growth, in
2017 the Oak Solutions Group team expanded allowing Amy
to shift focus to the rapidly growing spirits industry as well as
the Midwest wine and beer industries.

Putting an emphasis on industry education along with
current industry science and technologies, Amy completed
a sensory analysis class from University of California, Davis.
She continuously participates in experiments and technical
training seminars at the ISCO Laboratory in Napa, CA and
the ISC Research Center in Lebanon, KY.

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